This novel was introduced to me by my younger sister. She had read it and insisted that I read it as well. I was apprehensive at first but after some coaxing I read it and instantly fell in love. The story is geared to a younger audience but don’t be deterred by that because it has all the elements of great storytelling that can appeal to readers of all ages. The scholarship of O.R. Melling is evident in her rich writing and mastery of Irish folklore. I have never visited Ireland but the history and faerie legend of old were so beautifully woven in to the story that I felt as if I had lived there my whole life. So I was more than just impressed with this book - it quickly became a favorite that I would reread on occasion. 
Here is a brief synopsis: 
Idealistic Findabhair and her cautious cousin Gwen have always shared a love of fantasy and hunted for a door into other worlds. The teens plan to spend their summer hitchhiking through Ireland, but when Findabhair is abducted from a barrow by the King of the Faeries himself, Gwen has to become self-reliant and overcome her fears in order to rescue her cousin. When she finds a gateway into the Faeries' world, she is unprepared for the beauty of their land, and for her cousin's decision to stay. Complicating the matter is Gwen's memory of the words from a dream: "I, too, was the Hunted and the Sacrificed." Fearing for her cousin's life, Gwen must take help in whatever form it comes to see Findabhair safely delivered from the Faerie lands.
So dear readers, I wholeheartedly recommend this book. The story is amazing, the writing is excellent, and, most importantly, the characters are lovable and engaging. It isn’t a surprise that Hunter’s Moon was originally published to much acclaim. It has all the ingredients of a classic. I hope that more readers will find this gem and love it as much as I have.

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