To commemorate the holiday season I am going to make a string of special posts inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas. This year the countdown will be on my favourite film adaptations of books. Keep in mind that in most cases the printed version is still better the film but this list is for films that have done a great job at capturing the spirit of the novel or are just purely entertaining. So enjoy and let the fun begin:)

12 The Client 
I remember reading this book and being blown away. This was the novel that introduced me to John Grisham who is a great writer. He writes primarily law-related suspense novels and he is the best writer of the genre. So, it was a no brainer for me to watch the film adaptation and the film turned out to be as good as the book. The casting and acting was great and the film stayed true to the book and, therefore, was a success in my eyes. Great read and the film is just as good!!

An honourable mention goes out to another Grisham adaptation - A Time to Kill. In this film, Samuel L. Jackson utters one of the best lines in movie history:

"Yes they deserve to die and I hope they burn in hell"


  1. I have the copy of this book in Indonesian. But I have not touch the first book. Reading your post makes me wants to open it.

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  2. Thanks for stopping by Aleetha. You should definitely read it when you get the chance, you will love it.


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