I was fortunate enough this year to attend Luminato 2011. Luminato is a Toronto festival of art and creativity held over ten days in June every year. This was my first year attending and I was blown away at some of the work that I saw. The first was the installation titled Sargasso by Philip Beesley. I was in awe the whole time I stood under it. The scale was huge and you felt like you were floating with the piece. It was stunning at every angle and unfortunately this picture doesn't do the piece justice.
Secondly, I went on to see a fashion installation titled Garden of Roses by Denis Gagnon which was breathtakingly beautiful. This dress (inspired by Alice in Wonderland) was made of tiny intricate chain-mail sown onto lace accented with ornate zipper detailing running down the front (a surprise you might miss.. the back of the dress is short). Let just say this dress was STUNNING and leave it at that. (pic below)
Thirdly, I headed to see the instillation called My Name is Raj based on indian film pioneer Raj Kapoor. The cool thing about this exhibit was that you could become part of the film. You had the option to have your face inserted into the movie which I thought was cool.

And lastly, we headed to the David Pecaut Square for a concert in the park. The Sultans of String opened and then was followed by Yemen Blues. Concert in the park under the stars... I think that is a pretty nice way to end the night.

Overall, I had an amazing time at this years Luminato Festival. I hope that I am here next year to take part.


  1. hi Darcy! Sargasso is absolutely a stunning piece of work! no doubt about it. you were so fortunate to have been able to go to the exhibit. thanks for sharing about it! c",)

  2. Wow, this show seems really amazing! Thanks for sharing! The most amazing art I've ever seen was at the Pompidou museum of modert art in France. It was insane!!

    P.S. I'm a new follower. Looking forward to reading more of your posts soon! :D

  3. WOW! I absolutely ADORE the Sargasso! If that bicture doesn't do it justice then I can't imagine it in person! I wish I could have gone!
    ...maybe next year :)


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