Rough-Faced Girl By Rafe Martin & David Shannon

Synopsis (from Goodreads): In an Algonquin village by the shores of Lake Ontario, many young women have tried to win the affections of the powerful Invisible Being who lives with his sister in a great wigwam near the forest. Then came Rough-Face Girl, scarred from working by the fire. Can she succeed where her beautiful, cruel sisters have failed?

Rafe Martin's master storytelling and David Shannon's beautiful illustrations combine to form a beautiful retelling of the Algonquin Cinderella fairytale in The Rough-Face Girl. Martin explains in the author's note that the story is actually part of a longer traditional tale. Despite this I didn't feel like the story was lacking anything. There was a great flow and rhythm  to the story. The illustrations are very strong as well. They show much more than the words do in this telling. In Shannon's illustrations he uses colors that are reminiscent of Native American artwork, with deep rich colors rendered in a dusty brushstroke style.

In the end, there is a great merging of story and illustration in the The Rough Faced Girl. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to read a great fairy tale from a different perspective.

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