(Douglas Booth as "Pip" BBC adaptation of Great Expectations)
It is once again that time of the year and the holidays season has begun. This also means the run down of the Twelve Days of Christmas. These posts are festive in nature but also book related which is the most fun! I love this time of the year, with all the lights, Rudolf and his red nose and eggnog lattes (yum). Now lets get to this years topic and it is... Unforgettable Character Names. This list is in no particular order however I do love all the names on this list. They made it because they are unique, well suited to their characters and of course "Unforgettable". So enjoy and let the fun begin:)
12 Philip Pirrip from Great Expectations
I loved Great Expectations when I first read it in high school, so it was no surprise that Philip Pirrip or "Pip" for short would make it on the list. This name rolls off the tongue quite nicely and the way it rhymes makes it easy to remember. I love the story and of course "Pips" name as well.

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