To commemorate the holiday season I am going to make a string of special posts inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas. This year the countdown will be on my favourite film adaptations of books. Keep in mind that in most cases the printed version is still better the film but this list is for films that have done a great job at capturing the spirit of the novel or are just purely entertaining. So enjoy and let the fun begin:)
12 The Client
11 Dracula
10 Breakfast at Tiffany's
9 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
8 The Great Gatsby
7 Circle of Friends
6 The Count of Monte Cristo

Sorry for the late post but it has been a hectic couple of days ... (holidays). So, without further ado, the next movie on the list is none other than The Count of Monte Cristo. If you have read my original post on the novel, you will remember how much I adore this book. Despite facing the challenge of fitting this long and amazing story into a two hour movie, this film had all the spark, energy and spirirt of the original novel. The dashing and vengeful Count was beautifully cast and there was no shortage of action, love and suspense -all the key ingredients to a great movie!!


  1. hi Darcy! i do remember your post. this is also one of my favorite novels of all time. the movie was also great. i have a DVD of it too! happy holidays! c",)

  2. Thanks, aobibliophile. Happy Holidays to you too!!


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