Well to be exact a day before halloween but whose counting. In honor of halloween I decided to comprise some really good books that are dark and positively scary. I've read some and some I haven't. However, these books will spook you if scary is your cup of tea. 

So here is the list:

Possess By Gretchen McNeil
I heard so many good things about this book. It's really scary I'm told. So those of you brave enough give it a try.

Anna Dressed In Blood By Kendare Blake
I saw the trailer for this and was creeped out. Definitely a read.

Beatiful Creatures By Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
I've read this one and it is beautifully written and also scary. Spells, ghosts and graves. Definite fright.

Abandon By Meg Cabot
The Underworld... need I say more.

Dracula By Bram Stoker
The mother of all scary books and vampire legends in my opinion. A must read. The first time that I read this it was always during the day and never at night, seriously.

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  1. Ditto on Dracula! I thought it was an amazing novel and I'm not even into vampires. Also, it had two scenes in particular that scared me enough that I couldn't read the novel by myself any longer i.e., I always had to be in the company of others. In general, I am NOT a chicken shit but this novel got me.


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