It has been a year and four months since beginning Open Book Empty Cup and I have to say that it has been incredible. This past year has been great and I hope that I can continue to blog for may years to come. And so with 2011 coming to a close I am standing by my past new years resolution of reading more and improving the blog. I never have as much time to read as I would like so I hope to focus on that for the coming year and this blog is a work in progress and I am glad that you are all along for the ride.

I hope that you all have had an amazing year and that the new year will bring great experiences with it.



  1. Good luck reaching your readin goals for 2012! As for working on the blog, I don't know about you but I am always finding things to change and update on my own blog - so for me working on the blog is a daily task!

    This year I am focusing on reading/reviewing books from my TBR lits. It is sitting at well over 400 and I want to get to these books while they are still (relatively) new!

    Bonnie @ Hands and Home

  2. It is hard but a labour of love no doubt.

    Thanks Bonnie for stopping by:)

  3. Great job on the blog. I love your efforts so far!


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