Nanowrimo 2012

Hi everyone. I know that it has been so long since my last post (two months to be exact) and I have been very busy and really have not had much time to blog at all. I have been working on some new design projects and haven't had time to even read that much let alone blog about it. I know that you all have been great followers of mine and the blog was something I thought about a lot. After some time I buckled down and began to write this post. Every journey begins with the first step and I guess the point is to not let another day go past. And so I hope to delve into it again and connect with you all. 

Now to the other big news... which is that Nanowrimo is starting up again!! I know, I know... i probably shouldn't have too much on my plate but Nanowrimo only comes once a year and couldn't pass it up. Today is the first day and I have been trying to reach my 1500 word goal. I participated last year and I had so much fun. I know that this year will be great too. I've been picking up my reading which has been going so slow and I can't wait to share some of those books with you all.


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  1. Good luck! I couldn't participate this month--just not in the cards for me--but I may do my own personal one in January. All the best! :D


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